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[ 01/22/2019 - 11:02 AM ]6 years, and still going
It is almost 6 years that the Machine Shop has been in operation and I'm pleased that new users still show up with regularity. Even more than that, new published designs! I'm especially happy to see people leveraging the Combat Vehicle piece, which saw very little use upon its rollout years ago. One thing I keep meaning to do is upgrade the application framework (who knows, perhaps this is the year), and I'd actually contemplated removing ComVe functionality for lack of use. Given the recent interest, that is off the table.

In short, I'm glad folks continue to enjoy this site and contribute their own designs. Obviously I keep an eye on Catalyst to see if they have any mind to expand the tech past 3145. Should they do so, I'll incorporate it.

Another question that pops up is "Can the web-app expand with additional unit/vehicle types"? The answer is "Yes", but to do so would require help. So if you're a developer and would like to be involved in this effort if it were ever to get traction, the door is always open.

Other than that, it's all ahead 1/4 impulse power, and steady as she goes.
[ 06/08/2017 - 01:24 PM ]Dave's not here?
I made a quick update to the website in response to some recent registrations, and this may bother some folks. Several people have registered using disposable email addresses, and I've decided to prohibit this. I do apologize for any inconvenience this creates. Existing accounts using these addresses will be removed, as opposed to deactivated. This is to allow users to reclaim their username with a permanent email address.

The truth is that there are times that I need to get in touch with users, and I need your email addresses to do this. I promise you, I do not send out mass emails, newsletters, or otherwise pass your address along to 3rd parties. Chances are, after the temporary password is sent, you'll never hear from me again. I hope you understand, and will not let this prevent you from using this website.
[ 04/10/2017 - 02:48 PM ]March Madness
OK, that's not an accurate metaphor. Nonetheless, there was a spike in user registration in March, following a flurry of published designs. There is a small but steady flow of newcomers, which has been pretty much unchanged in the past year. Same goes for design publishes. However, so far 2017 has seen an increased amount of activity overall, which is pleasant. After several years of operation, we're still getting new users and expanding designs.
[ 05/18/2016 - 11:02 AM ]"... a long tradition of existence to its members"
Some people wish Battletech did more updates. As the maintainer of this website, I'm not one of those people. Every time Catalyst gets a new idea, I'm looking at more development time, so I take a dim view to whatever passes for DLC in the tabletop gaming world. That also means I have very little reason to post anything here, but rest assured I am caulking the hull and clearing the rigging as needed. I'm pleased to say that I still get a small but consistent flow of new users, and many of those users send me encouragement about the site. As long as that holds true, I'll keep the lights on.

That said, I do have reason for an update. I'm going through the annual process of switching cable companies. You know how this works. Cable company A expires your 12-month promotions, so you investigate leaving for cable company B and their 12-month promotions. Sometimes cable company A meets the price, and sometimes they don't. This year, they didn't. So I'll be getting a new provider and a new IP next Tuesday (5/24). Service will resume not long after that.

[ 08/12/2015 - 10:29 AM ]Cruise control
As is obvious, the site is on cruise control for the time being. No bugs have been brought to my attention for months, and site activity is pretty consistent. This is all very good. For anyone curious, I actively patch the backend software to keep it current. 

Here's some exciting news. Looks like Harebrained Schemes is going to make a tactical Battletech game. The Kickstarter campaign will be this fall, so if you want to see that happen, head on over there and sign up for email updates so you can help fund the effort.

Also, TRO 3150 has been released. Now, from what I've read these designs were previously available in the faction PDFs that have been out for months. Nonetheless, I am ordering a print copy, because, hey, I like the TROs in printed form.

And lastly, the fellow who was tagged to provide Battle Armor for the site has more or less abandoned the effort. Truthfully, the combat vehicle piece doesn't see much use compared to the Battlemech builder (not surprising). So, I'm not sure adding the BA module would pass the cost-benefit test. If that's wrong though, and users want to see BA added, let me know and I'll try to guilt him into it.